Meridien Travels The World

The Book

Globetrotter - Meridien Travels the World is the story of a globetrotting horse. It is a story about friendship, travel and cultural insights - and of course a fabulous horse!

Based on the travels of a real horse, the book takes you on a journey with Meridien to foreign lands. You will meet the friends he makes along the way and share in his experiences of different cultures.

The book has been written with 8-12 year old children in mind. However, younger children will enjoy having it read to them and anyone is welcome to pick up a copy and join the journey. Plus, everyone can enjoy the fabulous illustrations.

Some lucky readers who have already had a sneak preview have the following to say about the book:

“Really enjoyed reading this fabulous book – every adult and child will enjoy sharing in Meridien’s adventures.”

“Told with love and pride by his travelling companion, these are the real adventures of  Meridien, surely the coolest character in the horse world; from puddles to palaces he overcomes every challenge on his epic journey.”

“A most enjoyable read for children and adults to read alone or together, as they journey with Meridien to interesting and contrasting destinations. The story is filled with amusing and adventurous episodes and will stimulate the reader to explore and investigate new countries and cultures further.”


Sweet Treats

Without giving too much away: you will discover that Meridien loves treats and has his own travelling sweet shop.

We thought we would ask Claire as the author and Antony as the illustrator what their favourite treats are, and what they would store in a travelling sweet shop if they had one like Meridien’s:

“Dates, as I share Meridien’s love of these Middle Eastern treats. I would also keep bananas in there as I know that Meridien will not steal those from me!”

“I'd store honey roasted cashew nuts which I absolutely adore and could eat all day, as long as I don't look at the calorie count on the packet!”

What are your favourite treats?


The Author

Claire’s great love of both horses and of travel started when she was a child.

The theme of her tenth birthday party was a trip around the world. Her parents recreated the inside of a plane in their house - with a makeshift cockpit of cardboard boxes and Christmas lights. From their transformed sitting room, Claire and her friends were transported to all the continents of the world, stopping to take in the sights of many different countries. It was an incredible experience that her friends still remember today. It certainly made a mark on Claire, spurring on her enthusiasm to see the world.

Through her career as a lawyer, she has been lucky enough to be able to combine her love of horses and travel. She has always wanted to share her globetrotting experiences in the hope of inspiring others, especially children, to want to explore the world and go off on their own globe trot - with or without a horse!


The Illustrator

Antony is a children's author and illustrator, and an ex-primary school teacher. Berkshire-born, and having lived and taught in various locations around the country, as well as one in Canada, he now lives in a tiny North Yorkshire village. There, he writes, paints and illustrates, and he also visits primary schools - in person and on-line - to deliver talks, assemblies and writing workshops. Antony considers himself to be living the dream!

Antony Wootten: Writer, Illustrator, Artist


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